Supply List

KEY to pigment Manufacturers: Daniel Smith, DS; Holbein, H; M. Graham, MG; (Note: Iris City Art & Framing, 1121 Zebulon Road, Griffin, carries M. Graham pigments) QOR, Q; Winson & Newton, WN.

One tube each of Yellow, Red and Blue pigment from the first triad are required. The other six tubes of one each of pigment of Yellow, Red and Blue from the other two triads are optional. The choice of a manufacturer for each of your pigments (Yellow, Red and Blue) from each of the triads is left up to you.

Pick only one Yellow, one Red and one Blue from each of the three triads below. Only first triad is required.

I Yellow
Gamboge MG H
New Gamboge DS
Indian Yellow Q
II Yellow
Raw Sienna MG, WN, Q, H
III Yellow
Quinacridone Gold MG, WN, Q, DS
I Red
Quinacridone Red MG, Q
Permanent Rose WN
II Red
Naphthol Red MG
Permanent Scarlet Q
Scarlet Lake WN, H
Burnt Sienna MG, WN, H, Q
I Blue
Cobalt Blue MG, WN, Q, H
II Blue
French Ultramarine Blue MG, WN
Ultramarine Blue DS WN Q
III Blue
Cerulean Blue MG, WN, Q, H

When selecting watercolors, it is better to buy fewer, smaller tubes of an expensive
“artist quality” watercolors than to buy larger tubes of cheaper watercolor pigments.

Watercolor Brushes:

Suggested Sizes #6 and a #10 round, and a one inch flat.
Suggested Brands (One good brush is worth six cheap ones!!)
Princeton 4050 Series only—NOT Princeton Select (poor quality)
Silver Black Velvet (one inch flat only—their rounds are too soft), DaVinci, Loew-Cornel #7020,

Watercolor Paper:

One or two sheets of 140 lb cold press Arches Bright White or Natural watercolor paper. 140 lb cold press Arches Blocks may also be used.
Iris City Art & Framing carries Arches. Please no watercolor tablets of any brand as tablets make your art much more difficult!

Palette: (Choose One)

Robert E. Wood Palette (Deeper Wells)
John Pike Watercolor Palette (Sturdier)
Comparable palette with a lid
White meat tray or butcher tray (In a zip-lock bag)

Painting Board: (Choose One)

GatorBoard 16″ X 23″ X 1/2″ from Iris City Art & Framing
Gatorfoam Board White 16″ X 23″ X 1/2″ from Cheap Joes

Miscellaneous Materials:

Hair blow dryer
Artist quality tape
Paper towels
8 oz Spray Bottle

Sketching Materials:

Sketchbook and drawing pencil (HB or medium lead)
Water container (At least 16 oz.)
Sanford or Stedtler Plastic eraser
Kneaded eraser

Sources of Materials:

Iris City Art and Framing, 1121 Zebulon Road, Griffin, GA 30224, 770-228-3416
Mail order: Blick Art Materials, 878 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 347-9119
Mail order: Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies, 374 Industrial Park Drive, Boone, NC 28607 (800) 227-2788
Mail order: The Merrie Artists Art Supply Store, 421 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128, (503) 472-1684
Mail order: Plaza Artists Materials, 633 Middleton St, Nashville, TN 37203, (615) 254-3368 ext 201

Should you have any questions please call gail: Studio 678-603-1502 or Cell 615-579-4ART.