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The following is offered with the hope that it will introduce Central Georgia to gail



gail an Internationally known watercolor artist/instructor, who, in March 2015 relocated from Franklin, Tennessee to Sun City Peachtree, Griffin, and beginning in August will be teaching watercolor classes.  By invitation, she has served as an Associate Member of the Winsor & Newton Creative Artist Network of London, England, and has been invited to teach Watercolor Workshops in Canada, Europe, Guatemala, Central America and Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, South America. In addition, gail has also taught Watercolor Workshops all across the U.S. gail has been teaching weekly watercolor classes since 1995. She has judged local, regional and statewide art shows, including a statewide competition at the Tennessee State Fair in Nashville.  

gail and her Watercolor Classes

 Each session is made up of eight classes taught once a week. Beginning August 5th classes meet in the Christian Enrichment Center of the Griffin First United Methodist Church. There will be eight classes to a session. That is, as soon as one session of eight classes is completed another begins. The dates for the first round of eight classes are: August 5, 12, 19, 26, September 2, 9, 16 and 23. The classes will be from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The cost for the eight classes is $165.00. Classes are structured to serve artists of all skill levels from the very raw beginner to the most advanced. Classes include the study of: composition, perspective, value, color theory and application, and specific techniques. Some of the techniques gail teaches are: abstract under paintings, disappearing purples, painting on Masa Paper, white on white, monotype paintings, let it flow, texturize your paintings, portraits, reflective surfaces, and wax-resist Batik. Artists are encouraged to paint their own choice of subject matter, in their own style, at their own speed, all the while being challenged to work out of their comfort zone and having fun along the way. At the close of each class gail conducts a critique of the work of that day. Since 1995, at the end of each of these classes and her Workshop sessions, gail has done well over 32,000 one-on-one individual critiques of students work. gail is known for her helpful, incisive, instructive, gracious critiques, which are greatly appreciated by each artist. These are real learning experiences for the whole group and the most important part of the day!  

gail and her Watercolor Workshops

 gail has taught Watercolor Workshops on three continents and Central America. More than 1,300 different artists from 36 different states, (including Alaska and Hawaii), the District of Columbia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, and South Korea, have studied with gail. Studying with gail exposes one to very interesting artists. Just being with them is itself a learning experience! There are no nicer people in the world than artists! gail was invited by the Directors of Art in Provence to teach a Workshop in Dieulefit, France in 2003. She was invited to teach two, five-day, back-to-back Watercolor Workshops at resorts on islands West of Vancouver, BC Canada, September/October 2006. gail was invited, by the directors of ‘Explore Guatemala’, to teach an 11-day Watercolor Workshop, February 2008, in that Central American Country. February 2011 gail was invited to South America to teach a Workshop in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. In addition she has taught Workshops all across the U.S. For years, gail taught Watercolor Workshops on Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM, where Georgia O’Keeffe lived and painted. September 2009, gail taught her tenth and eleventh workshops on Ghost Ranch.  

gail as a Teacher of Teachers

 Over the years of teaching watercolor classes, both in group settings and in private one-on-one, gail has taught many public schools teachers as well as those teachers who teach their own classes and Workshops. Several public school teachers have taken gail’s classes to fulfill their Continuing Education Requirements. In September 2006 the head of the art department of a large Houston, Texas High School, joined gail at the Ghost Ranch Workshop to study with her and received Continuing Education Credits. gail was invited by the Williamson County School System to present a Professional Development Workshop to their elementary visual arts teachers, November 4, 2008