gail’s How & Why

Becoming a Watercolor Artist: The How and Why

In 1982, a neighbor asked me to take a watercolor class with her. "It'll be fun and we can carpool," the friend promised. I told her, "That sounds like fun, but I draw stick people!" I kept painting; she didn't. This first exposure to watercolor was a traditional one, and I have gladly remained true to the experience. This is, I work from light to dark, saving the white paper. Any white on a painting of mine is the white paper, for I have no white paint on my palette. Since that first experience, I have spent many years honing my skills through continuing training with well-known artists. The transparency of watercolor is so exciting when handled in a juicy manner. Thin veils of color allow the glow from the first washes to shine through and create a luminosity that can be achieved with no other medium. The seduction of watercolor drew me to this most exciting medium.