The Artist

By invitation, gail has served an Associate Member of the Winsor & Newton Creative Artist Network of London, England. gail, a recognized, accomplished, award-winning watercolor artist, has become internationally known by virtue of her teaching. Beginning to advanced watercolorists are drawn to her classes because of her abilities. Those include teaching techniques, an unselfish sharing of herself and talents, nurturing ways, patience, and because of the so many successes that a whole host of her students have achieved. gail teaches three, three hour classes, limit 20 students per class, each week. She has a core of students who have studied with her for years. "To continue my growth as a teacher, I go out of the country at least once every three years to study and learn as I visit major art museums, galleries, shows, maintain established contacts and meet new people. I supplement these foreign trips with art travels in the U.S. I read material pertaining to art every day and maintain a schedule of attending at least one workshop a year to learn from others. I paint from my own file of photo references of which I have taken thousands over the years." gail
  • gail has taught Watercolor Workshops on three continents and Central America.
  • More than 1,600 different artists from 36 different states, (including Alaska and Hawaii), the District of Columbia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, and South Korea, have studied with gail. Studying with gail exposes one to very interesting artists. Just being with them is itself a learning experience!
  • Was a long time member of the faculty of Cheekwood-Botanical Garden & Museum of Art, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Is a judge of art shows from the local level to state wide (Tennesse State Fair)
  • Consultant to artists in other mediums on issues of composition, value, technique, subject and style
  • Winsor & Newton watercolor product instructor/demonstrator at Plaza Art Supply Store, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Commissioned work from California to Europe, including Governor Louie B. Nunn of Kentucky

My Credo: Teaching for Lifelong Learning and Growing

To all those I teach, either individually or as a group, I am both a teacher and a facilitator. I must help each student to be always learning and growing. As a teacher, I share with each student all I know about putting watercolor paint to paper. I hold nothing back. I demonstrate every technique, shortcut, process, idea or concept I have developed or learned by doing, reading or studying with others.

As a facilitator, I encourage students to develop their own style and not to be a clone of me. I help my students to bring out the best that is within them. My purpose is to guide them to see who they are, what they have and what they can become. I want them to choose their own subject matter and to paint what excites them. It is important for all my students to have fun and enjoy themselves. They must develop artistically at their own speed. I will always challenge them to go a little further than they expect and to keep reaching a little past their grasp. My goal is to inspire them without making them feel overwhelmed.

I am happiest when my students become recognized artists in their own right. By taking what they want from me and adding to their own talents, abilities, work ethic and attitude, they can become more than I am. When that happens, I know I have succeeded. My joy and reward for what I do come from their artistic growth.

I will always remain true to my own task of learning and growing as an artist. This is the only way I can be the teacher and facilitator my students need. Only by continuing to develop myself can I continue to challenge, train and inspire my students

gail hopes to bring people a deeper appreciation of the balance of nature and beauty that is all around them and of art and artists in general. One way she does this is by actually painting during a show or sale when permissible. It generates interest and educates the public.

Country comedians/recording artists Jon Hager (center) and Jim Hager,
the Hager Twins, stars of the TV Show Hee Haw, cut up with gail.

gail with Amy and Wayne Jackson. For years Wayne supported gail’s Annual Art Supplies Fund Raiser. Wayne was the Trumpet player for the duo, The Memphis Horns.
February 11, 2011 Wayne received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding artistic significance in music. This award is the highest honor in the Recording Arts and Sciences.