Workshop May 2020



We will be ‘juicing it up’ with watercolor, pouring and collaging at this Workshop.

Enter the world of exciting watercolors finished off in a flurry of collage! Mixing it up! Just a little!!

  • In French the word collage means ‘to stitch’.
  • Explore a different approach.
  • Exciting textures and edge qualities created by pouring watercolor pigments.
  • Achieve surprising depths of energy!
  • Creating visual interest in your composition with underpaintings.
  • Learn to interpret your subject working across and outside the lines.
  • Appeal to the viewers sense of sight and touch.
  • Blending of realism with abstraction using watercolor with collage materials creates your own unique one of a kind composition. A work of art within a work of art!

Plan to be with gail on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 1, 2 & 3, 2020, Plaza Artists Materials, Nashville, Tennessee. Class times are Friday and Saturday 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM and Sunday 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. The registration fee is $195.00. If you should need to cancel before April 1, 2020, you will receive a full refund. After April 1, 2020, you will receive a full refund only if a paying artist is found to take your place.

Below is an example of gail combining both watercolor and collage with a painting titled ‘Sunflower Elegance’.

If you have any questions, please call gail or Ken at 678-603-1502.