Workshop October 2001

gail and Greg as artists are known for their glorious use of colors, glowing with a vibrancy of special energy. They achieve seductive, juicy, transparent veils of color, which explode in a rainbow of excitement.

As teachers they will show you what they know. As facilitators, they will help you take what you want from them.

With critiquing they will check your progress as to where you want your abilities to take you. We are all a work in progress. gail and Greg will further help you to define where you are, where you want to go, and they will share with you additional ways to get there.

Mcdaniel and Miles are leading a workshop where you, the artist, are in complete control of how you spend your time. If painting for uninterrupted hours a day in a helpful and creative setting is your thing, then this is the workshop for you. If you want leadership, this is the workshop for you. gail and Greg will both be in STUDIO M (Music Room of The Stanley Hotel) with the artists for a total of at least 40 hours, dealing with your issues. To insure each artist gets as much attention as possible, the only painting gail and Greg will be doing during the workshop is the painting necessary to demonstrate a point. gail and Greg’s role is threefold: (1) teach, (2) facilitate, and (3) critique.
As teachers, gail and Greg will be sharing with you their knowledge of applying paint to paper. As facilitators, they will be helping you on your continuing journey to be what you want to be as watercolorists. They will help you to bring out the best from within you. You choose the subject matter that excites you and paint it in your style. Finally, in critiquing, they will help you with your issues of composition, value, technique, subject, and style. Teaching, facilitating, and critiquing are all on-going parts of each day of the workshop . They happen on an as-needed basis, according to each artist’s individual needs. As an artist in the workshop, you will dictate what you get from the workshop.From their abilities as artists and their experiences as teachers, gail and Greg have structured this workshop for everyone. From the beginner to the advanced, each artist will find a place and have an opportunity to grow as a result of being a part of this workshop! These individualized results have been the history of both gail and Greg as they work with other watercolorists. gail and Greg ask that you bring to the workshop an open mind, a willingness to be challenged, a burning love of watercolor, the desire to improve, enthusiasm for all you do, a positive attitude, a longing to learn, and the desire for fellowship of like-minded artists who are having fun. Bring these tools with you and good things will happen to you as a result of being in this workshop. ONLY ART IS SPOKEN HERE!

Check-in for the workshop will be Sunday afternoon, October 14, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Look for Ken McDaniel at the check-in table, just outside the Music Room (STUDIO M) in The Stanley Hotel Main Lobby. After check-in, each artist will set up in STUDIO M. From there, go to the hospitality suite for refreshments and a chance to visit with gail, Greg, and the other artists. The workshop will begin promptly at 9:00 am, Monday the 15th. By setting up the day before, all will be ready to go, and no painting time will be lost. If you do not arrive until Monday morning, you cannot set up until the lunch break Monday. If you arrive after lunch, you must set up after 5:00 PM.

The price of the workshop includes three box lunches and the M&M Special Banquet, prepared by the chefs and staff of The Stanley Hotel. The cost of bringing a guest to the banquet is $38.16 (including tax and tip), payable at the workshop check-in Sunday afternoon. If you have special dietary needs, please make those known at the same check-in. Ken will have menus at the table. You will have two half days of free time, Tuesday and Friday afternoon, and still have at least 40 hours in STUDIO M with both gail and Greg.

  • The workshop price is $345.00, by check, U.S. funds only. All checks are made payable to M&M WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP. This tuition includes three box lunches and the M&M Special Banquet.
  • Your first step is to send your deposit of $145.00. Next, call The Stanley Hotel at 1-800-976-1377 to make your room reservation. Refer to the M&M Workshop to get the special rates. The workshop is limited to 50 artists. After you have registered with the hotel, you should immediately book your flight for the best fare and flight time.
  • You are on your own as to transportation. If you travel by air, fly into Denver, Colorado. You are also on your own from the Denver airport to The Stanley Hotel. You can either rent a car or book the shuttle with The Stanley Hotel at the time you make your reservations.
  • The balance of $200.00 for the workshop must be received by July 1, 2001.
  • Should you cancel prior to July 1, paid deposit and tuition (minus $35.00 cancellation fee) will be refunded. After July 1, tuition is non-refundable. If you must cancel after July 1, paid deposit and tuition shall ONLY be refunded (minus the $35.00 cancellation fee) IF another student is available to pay for your place in the workshop.
  • The Historic Stanley Hotel has its own website, Visit there to see its beauty and learn its history, including its relationship to the Stanley Steamer Automobile and to the author, Stephen King.
  • We invite other water media artists to attend the workshop as well.
  • Non-painter friends or spouses may audit morning lecture programs (only) for a fee of $50
Call gail or Ken at (615) 599-5115 between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm Central Time. Email them at Complete the form on the Techniques Workshop page and tick the box to request a registration form. Once completed, click send. Please take every care to be accurate while completing the form.